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Improve your English by speaking

With your AI English speaking partner
on Messenger


Open Lingos
on Messenger

Speak with Lingos about
any subject via voice\text messages

Get feedback on your grammar 
Learn new words
Work on your pronunciation
Reach fluency

What people say

What people say

Jane, English teacher (Canada)

It's amazing! Students who are practicing with Lingos, have much more confidence in speaking English.

Dana, Lawyer (Israel)

I was afraid to speak in English. My reading and writing were good, but I could not talk because I felt insecure. After two months of practicing with Lingos, I finally feel like I can speak freely

Akarsh, Engineer (India)

I used Lingos to prepare for my interviews in English. It was perfect for practicing my English speaking skills

Whay w do it

Why we do it

We believe language learning should be accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of age, country of origin or socioeconomic status.

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